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The Experiment Tracker is a custom board template designed for organizing all of the information related to planning and analyzing your A/B Tests.

Each Item in the board represents a single Experiment, with SubItems underneath used to keep track of each separate test variant.

Here we have highlighted two different A/B tests, with their respective variant information.

Like the other boards in CRO Flow, the Experiment Tracker is cross-linked so you can always trace back any Experiment to its supporting Research, Idea Prioritization and Hypothesis statement, ensuring a transparent process. 

And as your CRO program moves forward, your Experiment Tracker becomes a highly valuable, searchable repository of optimization lessons learned through testing.

titleDashboard available

A pre-built Experiment Dashboard is also included. Take a look.

Future Features

The Experiment Tracker does not yet integrate with external A/B Testing tools like VWO or

However, depending on market demand we plan to add API integrations in 2021 to automatically pull in test results.

Check our Roadmap to see what we have planned.

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