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JSermon Module - Display content in your Joomla 3.x site



JSermon is a Joomla module for that makes it incredibly simple to add your Sermon Audio sermons to your website! 

In its most basic configuration, all you need to do is enter the Sermon Audio Member ID of the person whose feed you want displayed on your site.  You don't need to copy and paste any complicated code, know how to read programming code, or even have any knowledge of what "code" is. If you want some options to make the sermon feed "look and feel" to match your website, this module can do that too. 


You can configure these settings:

  • Number of Sermons per page.
  • Add text to show above and after the Sermon list, change the size and color of the text.
  • Change the size of the video thumbnails.
  • Change the margin settings of the Pre-Text, Post-Text, and Sermon list.
  • Padding - change the space between borders (if you use them) and content.  This is especially useful if you want to use rounded corners on your borders.
  • Change the colors and size of the Sermon titles.
  • Add background color or background image to the Sermon area.
  • Add borders around the Pre-Text, Post-Text, and Sermon areas.
  • Give your border boxes rounded corners.
  • Add drop shadows around your sections.


See Screenshots of the Admin backend configuration options

See the Demo


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