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How to Configure your JSermon Module

Basic Options

This is where you enter the most basic of JSermon's configuration:

Source (Member ID) - Enter a Sermon Audio Member ID here, and the module begins working. All other JoomSermon settings are optional.

Sermons Per Page - This sets how many sermon entries are on each page of the Sermon Audio feed.

Pre-text - a short message to display on top of the Sermon area.

Post-text - a short message to display below the Sermon area.

Video Thumbnail Height - the height of the thumbnail

Video Thumbnail Width - the width of the thumbnail.

Module Class Suffix - if your template includes various module styles, you can enter a class name here to display an alternate style.


Basic Text Sizes

Here you can set the sizes of the text that will be used in the Pre and Post Text areas, and if desired set the text colors to be different.


Margin Settings

Use the Margin Settings to control spacing OUTSIDE of the Pre-tex, Post-text, and Sermon Audio sections. This allows you to add more space around the sections if desired to match the style of your site.


Paddings is where you can add more space between a section's content and its borders.
Padding changes the spacing INSIDE of a section. This is especially useful when using rounded borders, so you can position text generously away from corners. Typically setting a padding equal to the border radius in this case will look best.

Link Settings

Use Link Settings to style the configurable links. Assign a font-size for the Sermon titles, and change the colors of the titles in the odd and even rows if desired.

Background Settings

With Background Settings,you can add background image graphics in the sermon area.
Note:If you assign a color, it will not be visible if you also assign a background image. The option "Repeat the Background" allows you to make the background image tile within the space, if desired.

Border Style Settings

Go crazy designing your own custom borders! You can assign a border style, width, color, and radius (for rounded corners).


Here you can add dropshadows to your module's areas.

Horizontal and Vertical settings will shift the shadow to the top and bottom or left and right of the box.

Blur and Spread affect how far around the box the shadow extends, and the Opacity affects how visible the shadow is.


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