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Documentation for Offsite DHD Media Payment Plugin for HikaShop 


This plugin allows you to use the DHD Media service for HikaShop credit card purchases via an offline payment page. This can simplify PCI Compliance requirements and reduce your risk as a merchant, but it is less customer-friendly than standard inline payment processing.


Please note that due to the extreme difficulty in working with DHD Media, this plugin is ONLY available as part of a paid implementation services engagement. It is not available for public download.Contact us if you are interested in hiring us for this service.

Payment Method Configuration


  • Zone : You can restrict the DHD Media payment method to a zone. By clicking on the edit icon, a popup will open enabling you to select a zone. You can also remove this limitation by clicking on the delete icon.
  • Images : You can click on the edit icon to select one or several images to display next to the name of the DHD Media payment method during the checkout process. Those images are stored in the folder media/com_hikashop/images/payment so you can easily add more of them by uploading your images to this folder via FTP.
  • Shipping method : With this option you can select the shipping method for which this payment method will be available. For example, if you choose UPS, this payment method will only be usable if UPS is selected as shipping method. If an other shipping method is selected, this payment method will not be displayed. Note: if you selected "None" or don't select any shipping method, this payment method will always be available.
  • Currency: Select the currency of your merchant account with DHD Media. Currently we only support USD and EUR currencies.
  • Price: If you charge an additional flat fee to use this payment method, configure it here.
  • Percentage: If you charge an additional percentage fee to use this payment method, configure it here.
  • Purchase Page URL: Enter the URL of your DHD Media payment page (you must configure this on their site with the Page Creator function)
  • Shared Secret: Enter the secret code provided by DHD Media (you must write them to request this)
  • Invalid status: Select the HikaShop order status that should be used if the payment is unsuccessful at DHD
  • Verified status: Select the HikaShop order status that should be used if the payment is successful at DHD


Regarding setup, there is a final step with DHD Media that is required for the transaction to work.

After you have everything else configured in the above screenshot, you need to write to DHD and ask them to setup a POST back response for the purchase page URL. This should be to "" .


Need a custom payment plugin for Joomla eCommerce, PayPlans or other online sales component? Contact us at Polished Geek


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