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Convert Experiments Plugin for use with VirtueMart 2 on Joomla 2.5


You'll need a Convert Experiments account to use this plugin, plus VirtueMart 2 and Joomla! of course.


Convert Experiments™ provides advanced A/B and Multivariate Testing functionality, and Polished Geek has created a plugin so you can use their powerhouse suite of testing tools in your VirtueMart 2 eCommerce store. Convert Experiments A/B testing tool also works with Google Analytics (GA), Google Analytics (GA) custom variables, Google Analytics Ecommerce Revenue Tracking, KissMetrics and helps optimize your PPC and SEO efforts. 


Give it a try for free!

Not only is our plugin a free download, but Convert. com also offers a free trial subscription, so you can try it out and see if it works for you!


Convert Insights is one of the leading companies providing advanced marketing analytics for websites, blogs and eCommerce stores. Polished Geek's plugin for VirtueMart 2 allows you to capture critical information from within your VirtueMart 2 store and use it with 

In addition to the standard page URL and other basic site information, this plugin automatically tags your VirtueMart 2 page content for use within's suite of tools, allowing you to better measure and define your testing, goals and customer segmentation:

  • Page Type - VirtueMart product view, category view, checkout, cart or purchase completion page
  • Category ID - VirtueMart category id number
  • Category Name - VirtueMart category name
  • Product SKU - VirtueMart product SKU
  • Product Name - VirtueMart product title
  • Product Price - VirtueMart base product price
  • Customer ID - Customer id number (when customer is logged in)
  • Custom Variable 1 - undefined in v1.0
  • Custom Variable 2 - undefined in v1.0
  • Custom Variable 3 - VirtueMart product id number
  • Custom Variable 4 - Joomla! Itemid number (menu id)


You must have a account to use this plugin. Please be sure to sign up first. Not only is our plugin free, but Convert. com also offers a free trial so you can try it out and see if it works for you.

  1. Download the free plugin from

  2. Use the standard Joomla Installer in the administrator panel to install the plugin

  3. Enable the plugin using the Joomla Plugin Manager

  4. Copy your project number from Convert Experiments™ into the plugin configuration field and Save (see screenshot below)

  5. Clear any site cache to ensure that the plugin is running on all VirtueMart pages



Now you can begin setting up your Experiments and capturing key data from your VirtueMart 2 store!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I register for my free trial?

Visit the Convert Experiments™ Registration Page


Where can I download the VirtueMart 2 plugin?

Right here at

Where do I find my project number?

Log into your account at From your project dashboard, click the settings link and you can see Account details. Your project number will be visible there. Your project number will look something like 1000000_1234567.


Can Polished Geek help me set up my Convert Experiments?

While we can certainly assist you under an hourly consulting arrangement if desired, you would probably benefit most from the A/B Testing experts of We recommend you contact for assistance in learning how to use the toolset.

Please understand that while the plugin is free, we cannot provide free support to assist you with your marketing testing or experiments. Product support is limited to problems you may encounter with plugin installation or data feed integration between VirtueMart and only.


Get the Polished Geek plugin for Experiments for VirtueMart 2 now



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