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Welcome to JoomLister, the multi-channel product management solution for Joomla! Content Management System eCommerce.


JoomLister is the only native Joomla component solution that allows eCommerce store owners to centrally maintain all of their product information and inventory in Joomla, with automatic synchronization to eBay

JoomLister is powerful and can handle complex product situations with ease. Polished Geek will implement your JoomLister component as part of a comprehensive eBay Integration service package, providing our expect services to automate your eBay listing with minimal maintenance once the project goes live.

Polished Geek's eBay Integration service with JoomLister allows you to focus on your customers, not the mundane tasks of keeping items and inventory up to date between two different systems.

Is JoomLister right for you?

Save hours and hours of tedious administrative time each month

Reach more customers by selling on both your website and eBay, where millions shop across the world

Double your sales channels - not your work

Configure JoomLister, map your products by category to eBay, and new product additions will automatically be picked up. No extra work!

Reduce stock-outs and the disappointed customers that go with them

Once you have an active eBay Store, you can even take advantage of additional sales and marketing tools afforded by eBay. Reach even more customers through eBay Mobile, Facebook integration and more.


JoomLister lets you centrally manage all of your product information in Joomla eCommerce

  • Product title
  • Price
  • Product description
  • Images
  • Product dimensions
  • Product weight
  • SKU
  • UPC
  • Child product listings & stock levels (Parent products are not synchronized)

And then centrally manage your eBay listing requirements in JoomLister

  • Price adjustments on eBay
  • eBay general categories (up to 2)
  • eBay Store categories (up to 2)
  • Accepted methods of payment on eBay
  • Shipping methods on eBay
  • Return policy on eBay
  • Product listing design style (HTML) on eBay
  • Use exported templates from an eBay design firm with your listings
  • Product listing HTML headers and footers for branding
  • List to any 1 eBay Site (excluding Hong Kong, Malaysia, vehicle listings on eBay Motors & Philippines)

What JoomLister does NOT support:

Centralized order management

Multi-site listing to sell on multiple eBay sites 

Listing of parent product records (only children products are listed)



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