AvaTax Connector for HikaShop & HikaMarket


  The HikaShop Connector for Avalara AvaTax seamlessly links your Joomla HikaShop or HikaMarket store with AvaTax to calculate the correct sales tax amount dynamically during checkout, eliminating the headache of sales tax compliance and reducing the risk of business audits. This Joomla plugin uses the sales tax address and line item details from the HikaShop order. During checkout the plugin makes a secure API request to the AvaTax service enabling HikaShop to process accurate real-time sales tax calculations on the fly.

While the HikaShop eCommerce component includes excellent built-in tax capabilities, configuring and maintaining sales tax handled within HikaShop can be highly manual and prone to error. Shop owners and web professionals are responsible for setting up product and service sales tax rates and rules for every valid tax zone in all countries the online store will serve, as well as editing and updating all of those tax rates as changes in tax law occur.

AvaTax by Avalara is a web-based service that delivers instantaneous sales tax calculations using a centrally-managed, highly accurate calculation engine leveraging up-to-date sales tax rates, rules and jurisdictional boundaries. The HikaShop Connector for AvaTax provides unprecedented sales tax functionality for Joomla eCommerce websites, boosting business productivity while minimizing audit risk.


The Polished Geek AvaTax Connector plugin is 100% free and open source.

Certified by Avalara for:

  • Address validation (for all Avalara supported countries)
  • Sales tax calculation, with geo-point accuracy
  • Global sales tax - supports all international sales tax jurisdictions supported by Avalara
  • VAT calculation, including physical and virtual goods
  • Tax calculation support for partial or full refunds through HikaShop/HikaMarket
  • Multi-vendor HikaMarket support delivers accurate tax calculation for multiple source addresses in a single order, by line item
  • Compliant tax calculation in both the frontend and administrator backend, for accurate tax handling throughout the entire HikaShop or HikaMarket order lifecycle

Not sure if you need the automation and convenience of AvaTax for your HikaShop or HikaMarket store?

These links may help you decide:

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