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Documentation for VirtueMart Breezing Forms Plugin PRO Version 3.0 


Version Notice

This documentation refers to Breezing Forms Plugin PRO v3.0, supporting VirtueMart v2.0.8e+ and Joomla 2.5.x  (Beta released August 21, 2012)

Documentation for earlier versions of the plugin, including Joomla 1.5 versions and the free community version, can be found here.


Breezing Forms Plugin PRO for VirtueMart allows you to require custom Crosstec Breezing Forms to become part of the VirtueMart checkout workflow in Joomla when shoppers buy specific product(s).

VirtueMart 2 offers some great Custom Field functionality. But it can be a challenge to learn, and there are some things that no matter how hard you try, you just can't do yet.

For example, you can't make one custom field's choices dependent on the values selected in another custom field. Parent/child products can help address this, but you might not want to have a bunch of child product listings and SKUs just to achieve some basic dependencies.

With the VirtueMart Breezing Forms Plugin PRO v3.0, you can:

  • Develop completely custom forms to collect ANY information you want
  • Present those form(s) during checkout based on specific product selection
  • Have infinite possibilities for conditional fields, complex form queries, and more by integrating with a powerful forms component
  • Bring only the final shopper responses from the form that you choose and have them display inside the VirtueMart order
  • Just imagine the possibilities...

Here are some ways it might be used:

  • Selling Medicare approved products, where you need to collect patient information upon checkout, but only if they order specific qualified products
  • Selling catering delivery, where shoppers need to provide directions and delivery instructions for each product or just once for the order
  • A store that sells contacts, or eyeglasses, that needs to collect important information in a form at checkout, which they want to keep on file for subsequent orders
  • Collect detailed information during purchases, and integrate the data with SalesForce (Breezing Forms v1.8 now supports this!)
  • And lots more situations when you just need to do more than VirtueMart 2 custom fields can provide


What our extension does is simply allow Administrators to seamlessly integrate custom Breezing Form(s) into the VirtueMart checkout process.

Support for this Plugin does not include Form Design or Troubleshooting Services

There are many custom features that can be achieved with Crosstec Breezing Forms.  Please understand that Polished Geek cannot provide free form authoring or customization services as part of the standard plugin support. These additional services can be supplied on an hourly basis. Please Contact Us for a quote.

We also encourage you to consult the Breezing Form documentation.  If you have specific Breezing Form usage and design questions, you may wish to consult Crosstec, the developer of the Breezing Form component.





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