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This Document Refers to an older PRO version of Breezing Forms Plugin (now a FREE Community version!)

Inserts any custom Breezing Form into your VirtueMart checkout process


What our Breezing Forms Plugin for VirtueMart does is relatively straightforward. Based on what a customer in your store chooses to buy, you can require specific custom Breezing Forms to become part of the VirtueMart checkout workflow.


 Checkout Process WorkflowWhat Controls It
1Customer clicks on CheckoutVirtueMart Shopping Cart
2If the customer has bought a product that is configured in the plugin, they will be redirected accordinglyBreezing Forms Plugin
3The customer completes the form and clicks on SubmitCrosstec Breezing Forms Component
4The customer is redirected back to the checkoutCode entered as part of Breezing Form
5The customer resumes checkout where they left itVirtueMart Shopping Cart

Known Limitations of Older Versions

1) User must be logged in at the time the form is triggered, so the Breezing Form responses can be associated with their account. This makes it difficult to use if you have a one page checkout, where the user isn't even registered until the same time that they checkout.

2) Breezing Form responses currently do not show up within the VM order form record. This will require some hacks in VM to achieve, and there are some complexities, especially if you have repeat buyers, or want the buyer to be able to update the form responses after purchase.

Possible workarounds: Several clients either customized VM themselves to integrate the desired data, hired us to customize their VM orders, or used custom reporting. In many cases we used SQL2Excel PRO to extract all of the BF responses and associated VM orders and report them in a user friendly manner for business processing.

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